Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Utilitarian

Jan Smith is a useful sort of person. She reproduced exactly 2.8 children, after marrying her husband at twenty-eight years of age. She attended a college and received a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, which enabled her to gain meaningful employment until she met and married said husband. At which time she continued to work, ensuring that her family remained in an elevated tax bracket. Her yard, her home, and her person remain perfectly manicured at all times, keeping up with the latest styles and seasons. She takes note of advertisements sent her way, and spends her dollars as such. She pays her taxes on time and with a smile. She keeps herself fit, so as not to be a drain on her children and the health system while she ages. She will wait until she is seventy years of age to cease working and will not even have the chance to cash her first social security check before she obediently dies two weeks later, making sure to have spent minimal amount of time in the hospital in the days before her death. Jan Smith is an ideal citizen.

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