Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Duplicity

     “Do you love me?”

     I choked on the swallow of pop I’d just taken and looked down at her. She was eyeing me expectantly.

     “Well?” she asked, not impressed with my attempts to not spray Pepsi all over her.

     I coughed, trying to clear my lungs out. “Sorry…,” I muttered. “What were you saying?”

     “I asked if you loved me,” she repeated, obviously losing patience with me.

     I closed my eyes and pictured her face, the one before the accident, and sighed. “Of course I do.”

     When I opened my eyes again she was watching me warily, but there must’ve been enough desire still left in them to convince her.  

     She smiled and reached for my hand and I did my best not to shudder.