Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Temptation

“Miss. Chambers?” the deep voice asked.

Maggie’s eyes rose from the papers on her desk to a twenty-something with dark brown hair and darker eyes.

“Yes?” she responded, more forcefully than she meant to. “Are you Mr. Brooks?”

He smiled, sitting down on one of the desks in front of hers. “That’s me. I came as soon as you called. Is there a problem?”

“Miss Chambers?” he asked again when he got no answer.

Maggie let out a shaky breath and looked up from his full lips. “I’m sorry, usually I see Ms. Brooks when Tommy acts up.”

“Tommy’s mom was busy, so she asked me to come instead,” he answered, folding his arms across his chest, which, unfortunately for Maggie, only helped to define the muscles there.

“Just Tommy’s mom…she’s not your wife?” Maggie stammered; her eyes too bright.

“No, she my wife, too,” he answered, confused by the sudden disappointment on Miss Chamber’s face.


For those of you who don’t know, my debut novel, The Newstead Project, is being released on May 1, 2013. If any of you would like to review it for your blog, please email me at Melanie@melanieschulz.com