Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quite

There once lived a man a good while ago who never had quite enough. He worked and he toiled, acquiring those sorts of things that delight a man for a moment but fail to bring any real satisfaction. At long last he came upon a lady whose figure and form promised to hold if not his heart, at the very least his attention. He proceeded to call upon her, letting his intentions be known. She, being quite content herself, did not fail but to refuse him.

Finally a day arose when he would be refused no longer. He came upon the young lady in question and demanded to be heard, or at the very least to be listened to.

She, being also wise, held her tongue until he was finished with his rant concerning his lack.

At long last the lady spoke: “You, sir, hold no interest for me; you are quite short, and quite bald, and quite scrawny, and quite foolish and…”

She was interrupted by a cough on his part. “Have you finally had enough?” she asked.

“Quite,” he replied.