Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Courage

     “You going in?” Jase asked, looking tentatively at the door of the old house.  

     “Are you?” Sam retorted.    

     Jase shrugged, but didn’t move.

     “What do you think’s in there?” Sam whispered, but instantly regretted it; he didn’t want to plant any ideas.

     “Hell if I know,” Jase answered, before doing the unforgiveable. He stepped forward and reached for the handle.

     Sam watched, horrified, as the door swung open and Jase stepped through, closing it behind him. He didn’t even hold it open, like he knew Sam wasn’t coming. That’s what gave Sam peace about it later; that he must have known. 

     For his part, Sam waited and watched and listened for a full minute before turning to walk back down the way they’d come, down a path that on every other day of his life, before and since, began and ended with a vacant lot.