Friday, August 25, 2017

Five Year Goal Review: August 2017

Last Friday of the Month

It’s here again: The last Friday of the month. Which makes it time to review some goals. For those of you who are new to this site or don’t know, I particiapate in Misha Gerrick blog challenge: Five Year Goals. I tend to need accountability when I commit to something, and this offers me that. Thanks to Misha for putting this on each month. If you’d like to join us you can. Here’s the link.

My goal is to run a world-class publishing company. I’m a little over two years into this thing and so far it’s going good. We’ve just added another illustrator to the mix: Jessica Gadra. You can check out her work at: . She is amazing. She specializes in pen and ink with watercolor fairytales and that’s what she’ll be doing for us. Her first project will be The Gift by Liz Daniels. Look for it in January. And while I’m excited about that, I’m even more excited about another opportunity that having her on the team has created. A long time now I’ve wanted to do a fairytale book. I’m not talking the happy, sweet kind, no think Brother’s Grimm. Dark. I’ve written a few myself but it never felt like enough. And I didn’t have any cool illustrations…  

Drum roll please…

Beginning October 31, 2017—Halloween—Black and White will begin accepting submissions for a Ubook fairytale anthology to be released the following Halloween: Sister’s Grimm. We’d like the stories to be true to those roots: gritty, dark fairytales—but like all good fairytales there has to be a moral at the end. The tales should be between 250 and 1,000 words. And the authors need to be women. Sorry guys, have to stay true to the title. Each selected story will have an original musical score by Nathan Moran and original illustrations by Jessica Gadra. This is going to be awesome! For those selected, a contract will be offered, which includes payment of 25% gross of all revenue received. (And the cool thing about Ubooks is that each story is a separate video, so if yours is popular, you get all that revenue. It’s not divided among all the authors of the anthology.) Submissions will close on 12/31/18-New Year’s Eve. Email your tales to:

I can’t wait to read what you’ve written!