Saturday, July 30, 2011


Much of my novels are centered on these creatures, and I have decided to take some time to disclose what my research has shown concerning them. Mainly because I have read other books that claim to be about Nephilim, but resemble them no more than you or I do.
Several years ago a patient of mine brought me a Bible and shoved it in my face. He was pointing to Genesis 6:4(The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterwards-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown), demanding to know what it meant.
Have I mentioned I work in Psychiatry?
That was my first encounter with the title Nephilim, but certainly not my last. I, like he, became intrigued. Who were these creatures that the Bible mentioned, and did it mention it again?
So that’s what I am going to discuss over the next several weeks; the results of my research both in the Bible and other books, to give a better understanding about just who and what these men actually were. And will be again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Good Dystopian?

I have been on the hunt lately for dystopians. I am currently preparing for writing my fourth book, concerning a time where the Nephilim, who are a main part of my other three novels, are hugely (pardon the pun) successful.
I just finished Animal Farm. It was the first time I have ever read it. Honestly. But I am so glad I did, it was very stirring. Which, of course, led me to read 1984; another thought provoking book by George Orwell. I have been a fan of Brave New World for many years, and have just purchased Brave New World Revisited. I took a break from all of those briefly to read Utopia, but it didn’t appeal to me the same way as the classic dystopians did.

And I haven’t just stopped at the classics. I just finished The Hunger Games series. Loved it. Dystopian and romance? Could it get any better?
On a side note, I love my kindle. I don’t think I have ever read more than I am right now. And it is largely due to that lovely rectangular tablet that sits by my bed.
But now I am stumped. What to read next? Any time I search on Amazon I am overwhelmed at the choices. So I turn to you, dear readers, for your wisdom and advice. Are there any good dystopians that you recommend?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cutter, The Conclusion

Joe finally showed up. I was in the day room listening to some dumb f**k going on and on about feelings when I saw him. His face was puffy, like he had been crying. My nurse stopped him in the hall, hugged him. He leaned against her like she was the only thing that was keeping him standing.
She never treated me like that. Whenever I needed anything she just told me how many other patients she had; that she was too busy to talk. But she didn’t seem to be too busy for Joe. I got up in the middle of the group to put a stop to that nonsense. Joe was there to see me.
He wiped the tears from his eyes as he saw me. The nurse patted him sympathetically on the shoulder before turning to leave. I walked past the two of them and went into my room. I didn’t even look at her or him.
He wasn’t long. I was lying face down on bed, waiting for him. I heard his footsteps, heard the door softly closing behind him.
I didn’t feel it until it was too late, the needle in my ass. I flipped over just in time to see Joe recap the needle. His eyes gleamed. The room began to spin as I felt a distant tugging at my wrist. I looked down to see the cut, the blood as Joe ran to the door.
“Nurse! Nurse!...Come quick, I think Sarah has done it again.” he said between sobs as the nurse ran past him to me.
A loud thump got her attention and the last of mine as my father slid to the floor. Everything was slow; her lunging towards him, his dazed face as he looked into her eyes, the blood from my cut as it dripped on the floor.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Here

I am sorry, I know it has been a long time since I have posted. I know that I am no busier than the rest of you. So I won’t make excuses, I will just update you about what’s going on.
I have just finished my second book Rephaim, and have been working like a maniac on the third. It has been a challenge, though. In one week I’ve had three computers die. Seriously. I reverted to writing in an old journal, which is something I did in the beginning. The bad part about that is that I can never read my own writing; which makes it very interesting when I go to transcribe it into my computer.
Are any of you in the querying stage? I really should be, my first book is finished and I should be working on getting that published. But I have this sense of urgency about finishing the series. The ideas are flowing and I want to take advantage of that while it’s there. I have had periods when it’s not, so I know to take advantage when it is.
I will be posting my query in progress in a future post to get your advice. Also if anyone has any advice on who to submit it to, I would appreciate it. I have been following Literary Rambles, a blog by Casey McCormick that focuses on different agents. It seems to be a good source, but I still feel like a fish out of water. I’m not exactly what you would call technologically savvy. My lack of posts should be evidence of that (and my broken computers).
So please forgive me, my followers. I plan on posting more regularly from now on.
Take care- Melanie