Monday, July 25, 2011

A Good Dystopian?

I have been on the hunt lately for dystopians. I am currently preparing for writing my fourth book, concerning a time where the Nephilim, who are a main part of my other three novels, are hugely (pardon the pun) successful.
I just finished Animal Farm. It was the first time I have ever read it. Honestly. But I am so glad I did, it was very stirring. Which, of course, led me to read 1984; another thought provoking book by George Orwell. I have been a fan of Brave New World for many years, and have just purchased Brave New World Revisited. I took a break from all of those briefly to read Utopia, but it didn’t appeal to me the same way as the classic dystopians did.

And I haven’t just stopped at the classics. I just finished The Hunger Games series. Loved it. Dystopian and romance? Could it get any better?
On a side note, I love my kindle. I don’t think I have ever read more than I am right now. And it is largely due to that lovely rectangular tablet that sits by my bed.
But now I am stumped. What to read next? Any time I search on Amazon I am overwhelmed at the choices. So I turn to you, dear readers, for your wisdom and advice. Are there any good dystopians that you recommend?