Saturday, April 28, 2012

X and Y chromosome; the difference between men and women

I don’t care what people say, men and women are different.
I don’t know this because I’ve been married for sixteen years, although that certainly helps. I don’t know it because I’m a psychiatric nurse and intimately involved in the details in peoples lives.
I know it because I’ve spent my entire life watching people.
This isn’t a complaint session about either of the sexes, instead I simply want to point out some observations I’ve made over the years. Now it's time for my disclaimer: Please note this is a general observation, not intended to imply that all people are the same. There are vast differences amoung people, no matter what their sex is. That being said, these are my observations.
Men need respect, even more than love. Although I really believe men love very deeply, possibly even deeper than their female counterparts. Men need to be needed. The worst thing you can say to a man is that you don’t need him. Men tell you what they’re thinking. If you want to know what a man is thinking, just as him. Men feel good when their woman is happy.
Now to women. Women need love, even more than respect. They need to be cherished and adored by their man. They need their man to be strong, to know that he will put her first always, to take care of her before himself. A woman doesn’t necessarily tell her man something hoping he’ll fix it; most times she just wants him to listen and support her.
These are a few of the observations I’ve complied, but I’m always looking for more. If you have any to add, or want to dispute my claims, I welcome your comments.
Until then,