Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gardens

This is another thing I enjoy, besides writing. This time of year my head is swimming with plans for my garden. I’ve had many flops, but for the last several years I’ve used the square foot garden approach and have fallen in love with gardening all over again. Think about it- no weeds, no tilling, no bugs.  It’s wonderful.
For those of you that have never tried a vegetable garden before I highly recommend it. I’ve taken his (Mel Bartholomew, he also has a blog that I highly recommend. The link is at ) approach one step further, in case those pesky weeds still try to weasel their way in. I cover the basic four by four raised bed with weed cloth before I place the grid.
With planting a lot of flowers in between my veggies, I managed to create an organic garden rather easily. Mainly I use zinnias, marigolds, and snapdragons. They attract the bugs you want in your garden to take care of the ones you don’t. With that and the weed cloth, there really is no need for spraying.
I’ll post pictures later in the summer when things are in bloom. Right now they’re only in my head.   Does anyone else out there enjoy gardening and have some tips to share?