Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Published and Patience

P is for Published, and maybe Patience.

Getting published; isn’t that what goes through our head day in, day out? And to make matters worse, now we have options. If I really wanted to, I could hit the send button and in two minutes have an ebook on Amazon. But I don’t want to, at least not yet. Which leads me to my second P word, patience. I started writing my book not quite two years ago, and after a couple of rewrites and a few revisions, it’s (in my mind) ready for the submission process. I’ve only queried seven agents at this point, with a couple of rejections already received and I’m already getting frustrated. How Pathetic is that?  What has helped me is reading other people’s blogs and finding out rejection is typical. In fact, it sounds like I have a lot more to look forward to. So this is me saying thank you to all of you bloggers out there who keep it real, so that when I open my inbox and see yet another form letter I don’t feel so alone.