Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for UFOs, or ramblings with some loose ties to UFOs

I’ve never written a science fiction novel, or anything like it. After reading all of your lovely blogs over the last month, I must say I’m tempted.
I have read a few science fiction novels in the past; DUNE, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and a lot of Ray Bradbury. I enjoyed them all. It’s just not what I’ve gravitated towards as a writer. On a blog I read recently (don’t ask me to remember which one, I’ve read too many to keep track) the person writing said for science fiction you needed either aliens, UFOs, or machines. Is that true? 
And what about hybrids? I read a book the other day called ELEMENTAL by Emily White; it’s coming out in early May. In her book there was a bit of fantasy mixed in with the science fiction, in that there were fairies. But they were teleporting fairies, so maybe that counts as only science fiction after all. But there also was a war between planets and lots of space travel.
Is there more crossing over of such different genres now?
I know I personally had a hard time choosing a genre for my novel. I ended up just calling it YA Fiction because it would have looked rather wordy to say it was a paranormal romance, militaristic young adult rural fantasy thriller.
And I know that almost none of this had to do with UFOs, but U is a hard word to come up with a word for, especially since I did Utopia last year.
Have a great night everyone, Melanie