Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Voice

When I first started writing I didn’t know what this meant. Often other writers would allude to it, but they could never quite explain what it was. Two SCBWI conferences and almost two years later, I think I’m finally beginning to figure it out.
The reason the other writers had such a hard time describing it is because it’s indescribable. It’s just that certain something, call it charisma, call it It, it just is, or it isn’t…
We’ve all met people like that, you don’t know why you’re drawn to them, but you are. And so is everyone else. It’s the same thing with voice, you don’t know what it is unless it’s there, but you do know when it isn’t.
Now I am joining the plethora of writers who are trying to describe something totally intangible. I guess it just took a little time, a lot of reading, and even some writing thrown in on occasion.