Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Home.

 What does Home mean for you?
I was thinking about that very thing this last Friday. My husband was home from work and my three children weren’t working on school. It was just us and it was one of those rare precious moments when everyone is getting along and happy to be together. I was making chocolate chip pancakes and my husband was making his famous scrambled eggs.
Now to understand how I was feeling at that particular moment you have to know something about me. I battled with infertility for a total of eleven years. Three years for my first daughter, then eight for my second. My son was a wonderful gift. I know a lot of people love their children, but there’s something about being given something you never thought you’d have that makes you cherish it even more.
That morning as I was sitting down for breakfast and I looked around at the faces of all those people that I am most grateful for, only one word was going through my mind.