Thursday, August 1, 2013

Imagination Sparks

Today I’m participating in a bloghop hosted by Charmaine Clancy over at

Basically you’re supposed to post today about what gets your creative writing juices going and then visit others on the bloghop list to check out what theirs are and give them a try.

I’m not going to write about playlists, or quiet places, or comfy chairs or any of that. Today I’m going to write about the single most important tool I have in my writer’s arsenal: The list.

What is The List you may ask? Simple. It’s just what it sounds like; a list of questions and answers. And each one of my main characters gets one. It’s how I get to know them a little better. Does Rachel reach for Cheerios or Oreos for breakfast? What does she do when she’s angry, or sad? What was her childhood like? Who were her friends then? And now? What perfume does she wear? What music does she listen to? And on and on it goes. This takes some time, the discovery of a person, but I promise it’s worth it. That way, when you finally sit down to write the story, it comes naturally, because of course your character would do or say that- that’s who they are.   

Now, I’m off to know each one of you a little better.

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