Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Insecure Writer's Group and The Faerie War

Today what I’m most insecure about are inconsistencies. I’m working on my third book in the Newstead Trilogy, and it seems like every time I go over it I’m finding a new plot hole that needs to be fixed, or something that isn’t quite right. Being the last book, every detail has to match up and I’m feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of that task. That’s part of the difficulty with the way I’m writing this trilogy; everything is interrelated so I have to be so careful to make sure what happens in the first book flows into the second and then the third, and it’s not just with a few details, but with everything. I guess I’m just feeling the pressure of it all and because I love this book so much I want to get it just right. I want the reader to feel that moment when it all comes together. And right now it’s just not there. But it’s not due in my editor’s hands for another five months, so I guess time is on my side.

On another note, please help me celebrate with Rachel Morgan on the release of the third book in her Creepy Hollow series. Way to go Rachel!

The fate of the faerie world is in her hands...

Title: The Faerie War
Series: Creepy Hollow, Book Three
Author: Rachel Morgan
Cover Designer: Morgan Media
Publication Date: Oct 2013