Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrate and Express

The small things I’m celebrating this week are some really good things coming together for book #3 of the Newstead Trilogy. The edits are going well, but more than that, I got in touch with the artist who is doing the cover, Allen Waite, and I’m super excited where he’s going with this. It should be done some time in November, so I’ll be sure to show all of you. It was just one of those meeting of the minds moments that are so rare and therefore so special. Other than that life is going relatively normal. Which is a blessing in its own way, I guess.


And the Express Yourself question for this week is…What are you looking forward to in August?

August is gearing up to be a rather busy month. I have two art shows I’m participating in, which means two weekends away, and the fam and I are going camping for a few nights right in the middle of August. I hope to get the edits on my third book done, so I can work on a final lookover of the second in September. I homeschool, so August will also probably be filled with going over lesson plans. And then there’s the garden…

So-what am I looking forward to in August? Trying to squeeze in some quiet time.

How about you?