Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Passing It On

Hello everyone, sorry about the missing post yesterday. My family and I didn’t get back until late Monday, and until I got to the Adirondacks, I was still planning on posting in the morning. Until I found out there was zero service in the mountains. That started out being really annoying. But as the weekend went on, it ended up being my favorite part; the unavailability of it all, there’s something refreshing about that.

But not today, or this week; you see this week I’ll be working on something long overdue. So many of you were very kind to me by giving me awards over A to Z. I was so wrapped up in the day to day of it that I didn’t stop to thank you or acknowledge them, and for that I am truly sorry. I kept telling myself I’d do it later when the dust settled. And now it is the end of July. So beginning this week, today, I’m going to do what I should’ve done months ago.

This award wasn’t from A to Z, but it is from a blogger I began following from that crazy, widow maker month. And it’s only for us girls, so I’m apologizing ahead of time to you guys out there that I love to follow.

Many thanks goes out Bish Denham at http://bish-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/  who nominated my blog for this lovely award. Now comes the hard part- who to pass it on to? With so many wonderful woman bloggers out there, this is really a tough one, but here goes:

1.      Spunk on a Stick at  http://circleoffriendsbooks.blogspot.com/  Her blog has wonderful advice for those of us who are “marketing-challenged”.

2.      Talynn at http://inkinthebook.blogspot.com/  She is always hosting various workshops that are very helpful for both the newbie or more experienced writer.

3.      Jaybird at http://jabirdsnest.blogspot.com/ I love this woman’s blog. Her personality just blows me away.

4.      Jennifer at http://acreativeexcercise.blogspot.com Jen is fun and witty and real.

5.      Dani at http://danibertrand.blogspot.com/ Dani? What can I say? She is delightful. And she works harder at this blogging thing than almost anyone else I know. She co-hosts 2 weekly bloghops and I’m pretty sure I’ve participated in others that her name is attached to.

6.      Dana at  http://dana-thedailydose.blogspot.com/ Dana is always showing these amazing videos of artists and musicians and sometimes just people doing some pretty amazing things.

7.      Brianna at http://faithlaces.blogspot.com This woman is amazing. She’s a runner who posted her progress throughout her pregnancy. Yes she still ran, like marathon lengths. In the summer. She’s had the baby now and is still going strong. Brianna, you are my hero.

8.      Rachelle at http://www.rachellegardner.com/  Rachelle is a literary agent who gives wonderful advice to anyone trying to break into the writing world.

9.      Cindy at http://cynthiadwyer.com This woman is hilarious; I highly recommend checking out her site.

10. Mary at http://mpaxauthor.com/ I started following Mary during A to Z when I read some slivers of her stories and fell in love with her writing style. I have since read a few of her books and she continues to amaze me.

11. Elise at http://elisefallson.blogspot.com  I stumbled across this blog some time ago and am so glad I did. Elise is so charming.

12. Susan at http://susangourley.blogspot.com I find Susan very relatable; probably because her to-do list always seems to mirror mine.
I could go on and on, but they cut me off at twelve. If you see your name here, that means you’re it. You get to pass on the love.


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