Monday, July 1, 2013

Different Perspectives

Happy July everyone! For our family the summer starts around the first of May, not weather wise, but that’s when we’re done with school for the year, so July feels like our summer is already half over. Last week my family and I went on a mission project to a camp for developmentally disabled adults. We go every year, a bunch of us do, and do work around the camp to help them get ready for the hundreds of people who will be coming later this summer. For them, the summer is just beginning. Isn’t it funny how our perspectives can be totally different?
Which, of course, brings me back to books. (Doesn’t it always?)

My sister, author Emily White, and I are doing a book tour this summer to promote our books. Our first stop was our hometown of Lockport, NY, which we went to this past weekend. It gave the two of us a fair amount of time to talk and catch up, and of course a lot of what we talked about was books. Now if you know Emily’s work, you know she writes mixed genre; fantasy with sci-fi, steam punk with horror. I, on the other hand, love to both read and write paranormal realism. Is that a genre? If not, I guess I just made it one.  We totally disagree on a lot of what’s out there, but we meet in the middle more times than you would expect. Good writing is good writing, no matter what the genre, and we both appreciate authors who write well, just like July is still summer, no matter what your perspective.
This week I’ll be posting on Wednesday for Insecure Writer’s Group, and on Friday, I’ll finally be doing my review of Immaterial Evidence by Milo James Fowler. Somewhere in those two posts, I’ll also be doing my Celebrating the Small things and Express Yourself updates for this week.
Do you read and write in the same genres, and if so, which ones do you prefer?