Thursday, May 30, 2013

Faerie Prince

Today I’m participating in the Faerie Prince Blogfest hosted by Rachel Morgan to celebrate the release of her book, The Faerie Prince, which I will be reviewing here on June 8th. Stop back tomorrow for the review of The Faerie Guardian, the first book in The Creepy Hollow Series by Rachel.
The nature of the blogfest is this: reveal your favorite fairy tale prince/hero.

This is actually a hard one for me. If I was to go with the Disney choices, most of them (minus Flynn from Tangled, he was actually quite a character) are nothing characters with only a handsome face. Let’s face it- who was the prince who rescued Snow White, or Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty? Do we know anything at all about them except that they fell in love with and rescued the real hero of the story?

With that in mind, one hero stands above the rest: Shrek.

He may not be easy on the eyes, but he stays true to who he is and wins the princess by his heart, not his raven locks and forgettable smile.