Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating the Small Stuff with a Review

Today I’m doing a celebrating the small stuff with the review of the book The Backworlds by M. Pax. Doing reviews is relatively new for me, so please bear with me.

I realize this has been out for a while, but as I mentioned before, I haven’t been reading the books of people I follow/who follow me. This is actually the first book in a series, and I don’t like to read later books until I’ve read the first. That being said, here is my review:

The Backworlds begins with Craze, a Verkinn from Siegna. From the first sentence, “Craze never imagined his pa would turn on him,” Pax creates a strong story with an even stronger voice.  Probably my favorite aspect, besides the fact that everything explodes in Craze’s face again and again, is that there is no backstory. Pax is a master of weaving it in as you read, which is some feat when you consider the varied universe she’s created. Her attention to detail without overwriting is amazing. I loved the species she introduced, all unique and fantastical, but with enough realism that they actually felt real. And of course I loved Craze. He’s a brilliant schemer who’s both likeable and flawed. Sometimes I think I like him more because of his flaws.

Review at a glance: Well written, fast paced space opera with realistic characters you'll find yourself routing for.    Four stars ****


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