Monday, May 6, 2013


Good morning. I hope all of you had a relaxing weekend. This is a Monday, so as promised; this week will start with a super short story.
Take care -mel


My thumb grazes along the edge of a saw-tooth leaf, as I try to decide if it’s something I can eat without killing myself. I can’t remember; it’s been years.

A twig snaps behind me.

I freeze.

A cat, big one, saunters past.  It moves along the ground, like me; only I doubt he realizes he’s being hunted. I lean back on my heals as it makes its way towards my snare.

Closer, closer, I whisper, feeling the saliva fill my mouth. It has been a long time since I’ve had meat.

There is another snap followed by a shudder as the snare takes hold and he tries to wrestle himself free.

I drop the leaf and make my way to his side. He’s caught by his left forepaw. His other takes a swipe at me.

It isn’t his wild eyes that I see, although it should be. It’s his right paw, and the scar that’s there. I lift my own right hand, or what’s left of it. It took me five years to whittle enough away to be able to slip through their snare.

I meet the cat’s eyes. He would do that as well; he would do whatever it took to be free.

With my maimed hand I reach around and release his paw.  He takes off without looking back.

May your road be easier than mine, I whisper.

I glance around me. “Leaves it is.”

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