Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zealous

Z is for Zealous
As a fellow writer, I can assume you share my zeal for the craft.  You feel less than alive if a day goes by and you didn’t get a chance to write. The idea that someone is reading your work fills you with both excitement and dread. Will they love it?
 In the end does it matter?
I started writing for others, for the trends. Now I write what is in my heart. What I am passionate about. My zeal demands nothing less.
It has been a real pleasure doing this A-Z in April Blogfest. I have enjoyed viewing some of your blogs and have loved hearing your comments to my posts. Starting on Monday I will go back to my regular format of posting continual short stories. For those of you who have recently joined following my blog are welcome to have some of their stories displayed here as well. I look forward to following up on the new blogs I have found through this fest and hope to continue to see your comments on mine.
Zank you, Zank you very much.