Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for Hunger Games

Please pardon me for posting this early. I have to leave for work at six am on Saturday and am working 12.5 hours. I thought now would be better than posing at eight pm.

H is for Hunger games.
I have to admit it took me a long time to pick up this book. I am a fan of Steven King, and the back cover of Hunger Games felt a little bit too similar to The Running Man.
But eventually I did, and I am glad. I loved it. Maybe Suzanne Collins did get her basic starting idea from Steven King’s book, maybe not. But on the same note I have felt that a lot of King’s work may have gotten it’s initial flavor from some Edgar Allan Poe’s stories.
This is not only inevitable, it also gives me hope. It is inevitable because we are what we read, and writers are usually readers. So it is only natural our ideas may flow from what we have already read.
It gives me hope because I can’t count the number of people thinking that they were being helpful who have told me that my book has already been written by someone else. These people have never read my book, they have only heard my pitch.  Just like I had incorrectly judged Hunger Games based only on the back cover.