Friday, April 1, 2011

A Short Pause for A to Z blog fest- A is for Amiable

Hello, I will be taking a short pause from my regular format to participate in the A to Z blog fest. I will continue to post my short story snippits (a good preview for S day) weekly. But for the month of April I will be posting alphabetically. Starting with today, the letter A

A- is for Amiable. Ok, so I am reading PRIDE AND PREDJUDUCE for the hundreth time (seriously) and I decided to count exactly how many times the word amiable was used. So far I am up to 37 and Mr. Darcy has just been spurned. Do people even use that word anymore? Try using it in conversation today and see the looks you get. It just gets me thinking. How many other beautiful words have we lost over time?