Monday, April 11, 2011

I for Insanity

Who decides what is insane?
Oh, I know that there are a variety of mental status exams and DSM classifications in an attempt to name the indescribable. Because there is no lab test or x-ray that can diagnose insanity. It is all purely subjective, and I write this as someone who has worked in the field of psychiatry for many years.
I have learned one thing though, from the people I have observed, both professionally and socially. All of us are just a little bit crazy. We just don’t want to admit it.
Why else would disturbing books rock us to our core and keep us up at night? Because they are a little too real for us. Somewhere deep inside, we know those are our fears as well. We just never wanted to admit it to anyone.
Try telling someone your deepest fears today. What keeps you up at night. How many times you check to make sure your doors are locked before you go to sleep; all the wildest imaginings of your heart.
 They just might look at you like you’re crazy.