Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I need your advice about something.
My dream is that this becomes a blog where writers share their short stories and/or snipits of their novels. To date I have had not one request for a slot. Not one, zilch, zero.
To be honest, this is probably because prior to the A-Z blogfest I only had six followers. (and half of them were my family)
But now I have thirty of you.  You will never know how grateful I am for each one.
I would like to continue with the momentum that led to my following increasing by 500%. I know that sounds impressive, but keep in mind, I started with only six.
What I need from you is advice. I would like to have a contest that accomplishes both goals at once: To have people display their stories, and to increase my following. I am not above bribery, so prizes will be offered. Please also advise what you feel these should be.
Thank you in advance for this.
P.S. On Friday I will post the last short story series I had been displaying before the  A-Z blogfest started; Cutter part 1-3. On M