Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A to Z Opening Day and IWSG

First Wednesday of the Month
Today is April 1st, which means three things:
1.      I have to watch my back all day—the kiddos are sure to have something planned.
2.      It’s the first day of A to Z, so I get to visit a bunch of blogs and see the amazingly creative things all of you have come up with, and (hopefully) have something amazingly creative things of my own.
3.      It’s also the first Wednesday of the month, which makes it IWSG time. If you’re wondering what I’m insecure about today, refer back to items #1 and 2.
Come Visit in April

For A to Z  I will be posting flash fiction, all random, all the crazy musings of a crazy mind. Hope you like them.

A is for Apples
How many today? the woman asked, arms crossed, toes tapping. Four, I told her. And what about under, did you check there, too? I looked at the ground and nodded. Her toe stopped. Tell me the truth, ain’t none of this no good unless I know the truth, she continued, like she’d been there, like she saw me in that orchard. Probably did; witch that she was. Tell me, she said, toes tapping again. Can’t know the truth if I don’t have them all. There were three more, I said, but I ate them. Heat rolled off the woman. Has this happened before? she asked. Her voice was as dark as death. I slowly nodded. The woman gripped my arm, tight. Remember that day when you stood so tall and said I couldn’t possibly know your days end, any more than I could know how many apples were in that there seed of yours? I nodded, I remembered. Well, you were only half-right.