Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z: N is for Narcissist

For A to Z 2015 I will be posting flash fiction, all random, all the crazy musings of a crazy mind. Hope you like them.

N is for Narcissist*

There are three hundred-sixty-five days in a year, twenty-four hours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour and sixty seconds in those minutes. If you’re average, eight hours of those minutes and seconds are spent sleeping. But I’m not average. I can make it all happen on five. Which means three additional hours, or one hundred-eighty minutes, or ten thousand eight hundred seconds and that’s just one day. Imagine adding up a whole year. You’re talking three million, nine hundred forty-two thousand additional seconds of me, doing my thing. No wonder I’m so much better than you.

*In case you’re offended, this is a work of fiction. J