Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Musings

Thought for the day: If someone has ever told you you’re crazy, you probably aren’t. Think about it. If someone were really, actually crazy- would you want to be the one to let them in on it?
We got home from Cincinnati late last night. My husband and I stayed there as our home base for our trip into Kentucky. And because we wanted to see Red’s last home game, which ended up being a disappointment. Not Kentucky, the Red’s game. I guess they lost their two prior games, so the one we went to ended up being meaningless, which meant they sent in their second string.  And it rained. A lot.

But Kentucky was good. We made a stop in Versailles, where a large part of my second and third books take place. It felt so amazing being there; like I’d walked into the middle of my story. I took lots and lots of pictures for visual cues. I tend to write better with a few pictures in front of me. And the unexpected surprise? We went to Churchill Downs (where they have the Kentucky Derby) and there were races going on, and I picked the winning horse. If I were only the betting type, I’d be a rich woman right now. Oh well-at least I had a mint julep, even if I couldn’t talk my husband into letting me where a big poufy hat.
Have any of you ever been to the places where your books take place? What other things do you do to prepare to write?