Friday, September 13, 2013

Celebrate and Express

This week was hectic at first, but as it went on, seemed to smooth out a bit. I tend to buck against routines, that's why I love summer vacation so much, but it turns out I need them. You would not believe all I accomplished this week! And not just with my book, with everything. So that's what I'm celebrating this week: That doing something I hate (aka a schedule) ended up being the very best thing for me.

The question for the week is: Name something crafty that you do, or wish you did: The person I am is outcome focused. If it does not serve a purpose, than I don't do it. I don't have roses in my garden, I have rose plants, because they make huge rosehips that I can use in the teas I make. And I don't do puzzles, because you just take them apart. What's the point in that? I knit mittens instead. They have a purpose, they are useful.
Besides for my family, my making things tends to be for Christmas. We always give/receive homemade Christmas gifts, usually from our garden. I usually make the mittens I was talking about earlier, or teas from the dried herbs from my garden, or bay leaf wreathes, and jam; stuff like that. It's not really crafty, just something I do.