Friday, September 20, 2013

Small Things and Celebrating

The small thing I’m celebrating this week is letting go. I know last week I wrote how much I hate schedules, but they’re really necessary to get things done, and all that is true, but this week I learned something even more important. Sometimes schedules should be broken. Today I should do five pages of math with my seven year old, along with about a hundred other things, but I’m not. We’re going apple picking at a local orchard that has 350 different varieties of apples-can you imagine that? We’re riding in a wagon, eating fresh-made donuts, and having homemade apple cider, all with my mom and sis and her kids. Then we’re ending it all with a picnic in the woods.

Deciding to forgo the schedule for a day: A small, but wonderful thing.


Name a movie character’s personality who is you to a tee: Katniss Everdeen. I don’t love a lot of people, but those I do, I’m fiercely protective over.  And being outside feels almost like a heartbeat to me.

How about you? Any small things you’re celebrating? What movie character’s personality do you resemble?