Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Short, Follow Fest

Here is my Monday short- Can you tell I've been reading Treasure Island? Welcome all those visiting from the Follow Fest!

 The Trunk

“Remember when,” the girl’s grandfather began.  

She settled back in her seat, waiting for the rest. For the last two weeks she’d made it a point to listen. She didn’t know if it was the morphine or just him nearing the end, but his stories had taken on an interesting turn of late.

“We used to go to New Brunswick?” he continued, looking up at her.

“Yes Grandpa,” she lied. She’d never been anywhere near New Brunswick.

“And we buried that car in the pond?”

She grabbed the sheet of paper from her pocket. “What pond is that?”

“Oh, you know, the one on Baker’s Road,” he said, while she nodded, carefully drawing a blue circle on her paper, writing the words Baker in the middle of it. She put an X right under the word.  

“And where is that again?” she asked, ready to write the instant the words came out of his mouth. 

“Past the railroad tracks that run through town, about ten yards or so after that old coal shed on Baker’s.”

She scribbled furiously.   

“What else did we do there?” she prodded, hoping to get just a little bit more before he drifted off again.

“The same as we always do,” he said, yawning. “We’re pirates-remember- we bury our treasure.”  With that his eyes fluttered and his breathing slowed to a dream-filled sleep.

She tucked the blanket up under his chin, glancing down at the paper clenched in her hand. For two weeks now she’d been hearing about how he’d hidden his treasure in a trunk. It had never dawned on her that maybe he’d meant the trunk of a car.

It felt like time for a trip to New Brunswick.  


 Now, onto Follow Fest.
Name: Melanie Schulz
Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction
What genres do you write? Nothing specific, whatever moves me. The Newstead Project is a Young Adult Thriller
Are you published?  The Newstead Project, my first book in the Newstead Trilogy was released by Black and White Publishing Co. in May of this year. Book 2, The Bashan Agenda is set to be released on November 1, 2013
Do you do anything in addition to writing? I am a Psychiatric Nurse, as well a homeschooling mom.
Where can people connect with you? Here, mainly. I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also have an author website:, and am on facebook:
Great to have you by, will stop by your site soon!