Friday, May 27, 2016

FIve Year Goal Review

Last Friday of the Month
It's the last Friday of the month, which makes it time to review some goals. Thanks to Misha Gericke coming up with this idea/hosting this each month. Feel like getting involved? You can, here .
My goal is to have a world class publishing company in 5 years--2020. I know, I know--it's over-the-top; but why not? It doesn't hurt to hope does it? What we do on the last Friday of the month is review how it's going. For me it's going well. Ubooks are patent pending, and Black and White is publishing it's first one (besides my own) in June. We've hired a Marketing Director and Music Director, which are two huge pieces in this process. We are actively reviewing pieces to see what we will publish next. Because Ubooks are so labor intensive, we're being very selective in that process.   Hopefully next month I'll be announcing more Ubooks being released.
How about you? Any goals you're working on?
Have a great weekend--