Monday, May 9, 2016

Back to the Routine of Things

It’s time to get back to the routine of things. April is over, and with it the madness that is A to Z. The release of Parallels: Felix Was Here has come and gone. The school year is winding down.  It’s time to get back to the normal ebb and flow of this blog, and also of life. I’m going back to my three days a week posting schedule. My daughter and I have a few more shows we want to review for Pilot Project, so look for that every Friday through May. Wednesdays will bring more information on Black and White Publishing and Ubooks. And today, Mondays, will be focused on the personal side of things. For me right now that means gardening.

May is a crazy month for us here, getting our garden in. We moved to a new spot a little over a year ago, one with much more land, and with that comes the chance to have the little homestead my husband and I have always wanted. We had chickens at the old house, which was about all the animals we had room for. Now we’ve added guineas and dairy lambs to the mix. Eventually we hope to add a couple heritage breed pigs. Eventually. I’ve learned the hard way to just add a few things at a time. My first garden was evidence of that. I planted almost a quarter acre, which the deer enjoyed more than we did. Now I do 10 square foot gardens, which provide all our veggies for the summer with leftovers to can/freeze. Here is a picture of my garden pre-planting:

And our new lambs that we've been bottle feeding for the last month:

I’ll post more pictures as the season goes on. Does anyone else have a garden? Are you crazy this month?
See you Wednesday,


  1. Fenced in to keep the deer out - smart move!

  2. What a fantastic project. It must feel great to develop the great outdoors! It looks idyllic (although I do realise it takes a lot of hard graft). Have a fantastic month and enjoy the garden and the animals.