Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Submission Info

Black and White began accepting submissions on May 1st for those interested in having their books/short stories/poetry/flash fiction/picture books published as *Ubooks. Currently, priority will be given to flash fiction/picture books, because our research has shown that's the sweet spot for launching this crazy new idea that is a *Ubook. If you'd like to see what all this is about before diving in, our first picture book, Jellyfish Jones, is set to be released on June 29th.

Music is a major element in *Ubooks, which is why we are so excited to have Musical Director Nathan Moran on our team. Each *Ubook published will have an original musical score to enhance the story, which means submissions are not just open to writers and illustrators, but musicians as well.  Any Questions? Feel free to email me at

*Ubooks are musically enhanced video books

See you on Friday-