Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Projects

A little over seventeen months ago, my family and I moved out of a house we'd lived in for sixteen years. It was a huge leap for us, but we'd always wanted a place in the country with more land--and this new house had the extra bonus of being much closer to all our friends/relatives. Now the land is great, but the house itself is a plain cape cod with no character whatsoever; nothing like the hundred and twenty-year old charmer we'd left. As most of you know, I'm not exactly technologically advanced, so instead of keeping a Pinterest board of potential ideas, I've been gathering magazine clippings and shoving them in a folder--it's true--go ahead and laugh. This weekend I found a great one--a double decker porch. My cape has the dormers in back, so this would be fairly easy to do (I say that now) and would give us a great place to hang out and enjoy the view of the pastures and stream. I have yet to tell my husband this idea though, since he's still knee-deep in magazine inspired projects from this past winter. Maybe I'll bring it out at the end of summer...

How about you? Any of you magazine scrapers? Any spring projects going?
See you on Wednesday-