Friday, May 20, 2016

Pilot Project: Young & Hungry

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For this weeks Pilot Project, my daughter and I watched Young and Hungry. My daughter grew up with Hannah Montana, so a show with Emily Osment seemed like a natural choice.
This isn't Lily. Not that I minded, really, but I did have to let go of that idea pretty quickly (like the moment she wakes up in her new bosses bedroom). I've gotten a head of myself. Back to the plotline--Gabi Diamond is a young chef/ blogger who interviews for a job as a personal chef for a wealthy young techy. She gets the job--if--she can cook a show-stopping meal when he proposes to his girlfriend. As you (and we) guessed, the girlfriend wanted to "take a break" causing Josh (the young rich guy) to look for comfort in Gabi's cooking/company/and other things previously eluded to. Of course this break-up only lasts one night, causing just the right amount of tension to make you want to watch the next show to see what happens. And despite the obviousness of the plot and the very stereotypical characters, I probably will. Who can resist a good hook? 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. It sounds interesting, though I must confess the only shows I watch are about tough-talking detectives, tense lawyers, or six friends hanging out at Central Perk. :)