Monday, May 5, 2014

A to Z Reflections

A to Z in Review

This was my third year in the challenge, and my second doing flash fiction, so I don’t know why I was so nervous, but I was. This year felt so beyond what I thought I could do. I knew I wanted to do flash fiction again, I really enjoyed that from 2013, but I was also toying with the idea of featuring a single story, Steven’s story. I’d just finished Blackbird, so I was really into that character, and I knew that for the sake of moving the story forward in that particular book, I had to start later in Steven’s life than his story really began. In the Newstead Project, I got to show what Joel’s life was like before he went to Newstead, and now with this years A to Z, I wanted to show how Steven’s life was like, too. But could I do it? Could I coincide his story with the letters of the alphabet—without compromising the story? I have to admit there were times I did. In Blackbird, Steven’s uniform wasn’t actually yellow. It was green, but green doesn’t start with Y. Hopefully you will forgive me this little indiscretion for the sake of the challenge—It doesn’t change the basic facts—that Steven and Foltz are brothers. I love revealing little secrets to my readers, and this is a big one—it explains some of Foltz’s actions in Blackbird.
    But that’s only about me. Those of you who participate in the challenge know that our own posts are only a small part of the actual challenge. Mainly, it’s about connecting with others. And I did. I learned how to world build with Susan, was reminded of some great one-hit-wonders with Jay, discovered an endless source of craft projects with Elle , found some great books with the Ninja Librarian, got lots of ideas on things to do with my four year old with Tania , and found out I used to pay a lot less for gas with Alex. The list could go on and on, but I’ve been told if I make these posts too long people’s eyes will cross, or worse yet, they will skip over the post entirely.
     So forgive me. You know who you are, and I know I’ll be back to your blogs soon. Until then, take care.