Monday, May 19, 2014

Release Party

I did it. I had my first actual release party. It wasn't huge, maybe a dozen or so of my closest friends at my house, eating chocolate and sipping wine, but it felt huge. And it felt like time.
Before, whenever I released a book, my husband and I would go away for the weekend, or out to dinner to celebrate, but this, this bringing other people into it, was new.
Now I know a lot of writers are introverted people, but I'm not. I'm actually very comfortable in social type settings--but my books are different--they're too close, too important to me. It was actually a major step of faith to send out the invitations. It's one thing to have strangers I'm never going to see read my book, something completely different having my friends reading it, having them know what's going on inside this messed-up head of mine.  
Do any of you have this same hang-up? Ever had a release party?

Line up for this week:
I'm going to do things different around here. I've found that I'm posting three times a week, and that's great, but it doesn't give me much time to visit all of you, and that's not the friend I want to be. So from now on, I'll only be posting twice a week so I can use that extra time to visit all of you. This week my next post will be on Friday.

See you then,