Wednesday, April 2, 2014

IWSG, B is for Basement

First Wednesday of the Month

As the first Wednesday of the month, this is Insecure Writer’s Support Group day as well as April’s A to Z. In respect of your time, I promise I’ll keep it brief. Right now I’m really not feeling insecure about anything. Not that I’m suddenly an Amazon bestseller, I’m not. It’s more that I’ve decided I love the books I write. I love the story, love the characters, and sometimes that’s enough.
April 2014

For this year’s A to Z, I will be doing a collection of flash fiction featuring Steven, the MC from Blackbird, from right before he came to Newstead through his first year there.  

B is for Basement
I’ve always been real good at waking up to the slightest sound, which has gotten me out of my fair share of scrapes over the years. This morning is no different.
My eyes open just as Jason’s getting ready to come down, so by the time he opens the basement door, I’m already dressed with my backpack slung over my shoulder.
He flinches slightly, seeing me at the foot of the stairs. For some reason seeing me there always surprises him. “Steven--good--you’re up. It’s time.”
I nod. Time. Time for me to get the hell out of his house before his mom gets home.
“See you in school,” I call on my way out.

I am giving out review copies of Blackbird through Story Cartel, in exchange for Amazon Reviews (And blog reviews would be great, too) before it’s official release date on May 1st. Just a note—this story is very dark, so read with caution.  You can get your copy here  Also, Story Cartel is doing a big giveaway of its own this month, so signing up for a review of any book featured there puts your name in that pot.
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