Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Go

For this year’s A to Z, I will be doing a collection of flash fiction featuring Steven, the MC from Blackbird, from right before he came to Newstead through his first year there.  
G is for Go

You don’t want to go in there.
I stop with my hand frozen on the handle. That’s when I hear voices coming from the other side of the door; my coach’s, and someone else’s. It’s a woman.
I can just make out what they’re saying.
“And you just found this out?” the woman asked. I can see her in my mind. She’s tall, in a dark suit, sitting in front of my coach’s desk.
My coach’s booming voice answers her. “Jason, one of my players, came to me today. I guess he’s been staying with him.”
“And his parents?”
“Jason said they took off.”
The woman nods and sifts through stack of papers in her briefcase. “And where is Steven now?”
“In class,” Coach answers distractedly. “Miss Chambers, I know Steven, he would want to stay here, in this district. What are the chances of that happening?”
Miss Chambers straightens up, sensing his deeper agenda.
I back away from the door.
He’s never going to let you go.
I nod. I know he isn’t.

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