Friday, October 25, 2013

Celebrate, Express, Dream, Release Day Fest

Celebrating the Small Things:  Yesterday I went to an acquaintance’s house and by the time I left we were friends.  This woman saw the poor state of my hands (see last Friday’s post) and had pity on me. She had an old corn-sucker that she uses to take that outer peel off her black walnuts, and since a whole new wave of walnuts fell into my yard and I really didn’t want my hands to stay like this forever, I gratefully took a big tub over to her house to do in five minutes what it took me two hours to do. Then she gave me a tour of her farm. She has about eighteen acres of ponds and fruit trees and geese and ducks and a horse or two. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it, but it had a very lived in, homey wonderful feel to it. I loved it. After that, we sat in front of a roaring fire, pouring over heirloom seed catalogues. It was wonderful.


Express Yourself:  Which Halloween candy were (are) you most excited to see in your Halloween bag? Chocolate anything, the bigger the better. A full size candy bar is always a hit. My neighbor gives them out, so I make sure I’m the one to take the kids because she always gives one to me, too. It might have something to do with my lower lip protruding slightly, though.


Do you have a goal? Five year challenge. This is the brain child of Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. The link is: Five Year Project . Basically, when you sign up, you are listing your five year dream. The big one. For me it’s having The Newstead Trilogy be the next great American Novel (s). I know, big. This month has been going really well. The second book is due out on November 1st, word is getting out about the first book, and I’ve started working on the outline of the first spin-off book, which will be my focus of NaNo this year.


Twelve Days to Release Day Fest:  Thank you everyone who signed up. I’ll leave the list up until the first.
On the first day till release day, I give to one of you: One Newstead ebook
On the second day till release day I give to all of you: two virtual cookies:


On the third day till release day I give to all of you: Three blogs you have to visit: For information: Susan Kaye Quinn For a laugh: A beer for the shower  For feeling connected: Alex J. Cavanaugh

On the fourth day till release day I give to all of you: Four things you need in prep for NaNo: Signing up, of course: NaNoWriMo An informative book:  2K to 10k by Rachel Aaron   Scrivener: Scrivener and a good cup of tea: Yummy tea

On the fifth day till release day I give to all of you: Five Golden rings!

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