Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When my dad used to go camping he took four things: a tarp, a knife, a fishing hook and a bag of potatoes. In what we are discussing today, a tarp would be of the utmost importance, although I will show you an alternative, all be it not as effective, method.

Two- tree tent:

If any of you were in boy scouts for any length of time, this should be familiar to you.



One tree tent:

Log or boulder tent: This method should be used in colder weather, as it conserves body heat, and also if means for making a rope are not available.


To make rope: Find a dead tree lying on the ground, preferably with the bark rotting off. Pull the bark off until the stringy fiber just beneath is exposed. Pull these fibers out and wet them, roll them between your hands until they are malleable. Have three fibers of different lengths, tie together. Begin weaving or braiding the fibers, replacing the fiber with new ones when that piece has a minimum of six inches left. You will have varies tails hanging out, but you will be able to make the rope as long as you need.
If a tarp is not available, use the log/boulder tent method and find leafy branches to set along the edge of the log. This is not ideal, but is better than sleeping in the open elements.
Next week we will be discussing building permanent structures.
*Much of this information was obtained from Kids Camp by Laurie Carlson. I highly recommend this book.