Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Survivor Tuesday: Good Ground/ shelter

Once you have located a section of ground that has both good water supply, and abundant food stuffs, the next order of business will be to set up shelter. The type of shelter you will be constructing will be dependent on your intentions. If you mean to keep on the move, a tent like shelter will be needed. If you feel your ground is defensible and therefore you intend to make a more permanent home base, then a more permanent structure should be constructed.
The first step is this: Look at the land around you; what is it offering? Is there is a ridge? Use that as a natural barrier against both enemies and inclement weather. Are there abundant trees? Use their wood. Are there rocks? Use them.  Also, do not always look up; some of the most effective shelters have been constructed underground. This is also beneficial if concealment is necessary.
Next Tuesday I will be giving instructions on the construction of the mobile shelter, or tent. The following week instructions will be given for a more permanent structure.