Wednesday, March 5, 2014


First Wednesday of the Month
What is my insecurity this month? Knowing when to let go.
I am a planner. I like to think I can sit down and come up with a to-do list and that's that. I can hear all of you laughing right now. I can hear God laughing, too.

I found an old journal of mine and had the chance to read through it because (cough) my plans for this week ended up changing and I had some extra time on my hands. It was from fourteen years ago when I was in the very beginning of my battle with infertility. I had plans. Big ones. But you know what? Not one of my plans worked out the way I wanted them to. And now, fourteen years later, I can only be thankful. Because God's plans were better.

How about you--has your life worked out the way you planned?