Monday, December 2, 2013

In Lord Shadow's House part six

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In Lord Shadow's House part six
“Well now, who is this here?” came a voice deep in the room. It had a very pleasant ring to it.
“This is the one I told you about, a Mr. Knigglesby,” Mr. Taylor said before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.
Jarius peered into the room, but failed to see where the voice had originated from.
“Mr. Knigglesby…you wouldn’t happen to be of the Merrington Knigglesbys would you?”
“Not that I am aware of sir,” Jarius answered, still searching in vain for the source of that voice.
“No matter. Mr. Taylor informed me that you needed something, is that true?”
Besides being not very observant, Jarius also wasn’t very wise. It was a sheer case of being in the right place at the right time that had landed him in his situation of trade, and he had always seen himself as most fortunate. But, in this particular case, the opposite was true. Jarius Knigglesby was in the very worst place at the very worst time.
“Yes, sir,” Jarius answered, clearing his throat and then answering again, louder that time. “Yes, sir.”
“And what is the nature of this request?”
Jarius thought back not to that morning, but to every other experience he’d had with Bridget O’Fallen; the children they’d had, the holidays they’d taken. In Jarius’s mind his perfect happiness was only one moment away; the moment Bridget O’Fallen agreed to be his.
“It involves a young lady…,” Jarius began, but never finished his speech as to Bridget’s many graces.
“And is she the one you want?”
“Oh yes, sir,” Jarius said, nearly bursting at the seams.
“The only thing you want?”
To Jarius the questions were one and the same. He did not note the difference.
“Oh yes, sir,” he repeated.
“Very well then, she is yours.”
Jarius stood by the open door, unsure is he should stay or take his leave. The nature of Lord Shadow’s response had been dismissive, yet vague enough that Jarius wavered.  
After several minutes of silence from the other end of the room, Jarius determined he had been dismissed. Mr. Taylor was not there to show him out.
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