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In Lord Shadow's House, part eight, and Newstead book giveaway

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In Lord Shadow's House, part eight

There was still daylight left, so Jarius decided to go back to his offices to complete the work that had been left undone from the morning. The path, once he made it back to the coffee stand, was familiar to him.
     Mrs. Beacher, his mother’s best friend, passed him on his right, and he had just reached up to remove his hat in greeting, when he recalled that his hat was still on its hook in his office. It was no matter, because Mrs. Beacher was already hurrying past, determined to not been seen by him.
     He turned to watch her as she quickly crossed to the other side of the road. Jarius, who made it a point to obey every social rule, was overwhelmed by her rudeness.
     She wouldn’t be the last. By the time he made it to his office door, he’d been snubbed by three others that he’d noticed, four that he hadn’t.
     Jarius reached for his handle and pulled. When it did not come free he pulled again, only to be disappointed. He bitterly longed for his key that he’d left in his desk in his haste. At long last he was reduced to ringing. This, to Jarius, was the biggest insult of them all. Imagine having to ring on your own office door!
     When no one came, Jarius peered inside the windows that were on either side of the door, only to find the shades drawn. He pulled out his pocket watch. It was only three-thirty in the afternoon, and his offices appeared to be closed for the day.
     On the walk to his house, Jarius contented himself with all the firings he was going to issue in the morrow.
     Jarius’s estate was on the main road, heading out of town. It was a place of some importance in the previous century, and Jarius prided himself on his acquiring it. The road never felt long to him, he enjoyed the time he had each day walking to and from his occupation. It was the main reason he went on foot. It was his only time to be alone.
     The house was dark when Jarius approached it. This did not immediately alarm him, as he knew he wasn’t to be expected for at least another hour or two. In fact, Jarius didn’t get alarmed until he was halfway up the drive and realized exactly why the house was dark.
     The roof that Jarius had taken much pain to reinforce was caved in in several locations. The windows that had been glazed in London were broken or absent, and the dressed stone that made up the structure was crumbling, some of it already to the ground.
     Jarius sank to his knees.
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