Monday, December 9, 2013

In Lord Shadow's House part seven

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                                                        In Lord Shadow's House part seven
The bright sun that had illuminated the sky was covered with clouds as Jarius left the Manor. His walk back to the center of town was hastened by his desire to see Bridget O’Fallen and see with his own eyes what his mind had imagined.
     That no one stopped to address him in his journey did not surprise him; his friends and acquaintances knew him well enough to guess at the nature of his quest. 
     At long last he stood outside the shelter that contained his lady love. Boldly, he approached her.
     “My lady Bridget O’Fallen,” he said. It was the first time he’d spoken her name aloud.
     She glanced up, and seeing Jarius, proceeded to fulfill one of his most common dreams. She dropped her jar of coffee, ignoring all the other customers, and ran into his open arms. She smelled as sweet as the sun and more.
     She pulled back, blushing. “You must forgive me, sir,” she began hesitantly. It was more than Jarius could’ve hoped for.
     “There is nothing to forgive,” he began, ready, now, to say his speech about her beauty and many charms, but once again he was stopped. Only that time it was for the most excellent of reasons, for Miss Bridget O’Fallen’s mouth had found his, making speech impossible.
     Jarius, although not being a natural born gentleman, still felt the impropriety of this public display, therefore pulled back.
     “May I have the honor of escorting you home?” he asked, releasing all but her elbow.
     She nodded, wrapping an arm tightly around his midsection.
Miss Bridget O’Fallen proceeded to lead Jarius well past the respectable section of (place) towards another part that Jarius had never been to before. There were no spaces between the houses there, and more than a few of the people looked very undignified, in Jarius’s opinion.
     Miss O’Fallen stopped right outside one of the buildings that needed no introduction to Jarius. Not that he had ever been to a brothel before, he just knew one when he saw it. He was at least perceptive enough for that.
     Women, clad in clothing or lack there-of, sauntered past them on their way to the establishment next door. Other women were coming back towards them, only they were not alone. Men with wandering eyes and hands were being held around the waist by these women, much the same way Miss Bridget O’Fallen was holding Jarius. 
     He jerked back, seeing his lady love with new eyes. “You…Is this where you live?”
     Bridget O’Fallen was better with her hands than with her words, so she let them do the talking for her. Jarius stopped her when her meaning became clear. He shook his head and turned to go back the way he had come. And that, dear readers, is where the lovely Miss O’Fallen leaves our tale, important though she was in the creating of it.
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