Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indie Life

Today is the second Wednesday of the month, that means it's Indie Life time, time for us to share with one another little useful bits that have helped us along the way. For most of us the initial writing process, the outlines the quick first draft are all fun, but it's the editing, that long journey through the pits of hell that takes up most of our time. I know editing is fun for some of you, but for most of us, it feels like work. Period.

Two suggestions: Grammarly. It is an amazing source to help find those grammar errors you didn't even realize you were making. You can find it here.

And your Kindle. I send all my final drafts to myself and read it on my kindle. You would be surprised at all the typos and misspellings I catch this way.

Both of these suggestions are not for fixing plot flaws, but they can be very helpful with copy edits.

How about you, any editing suggestions?